Crafted with the same high quality crossovers, drivers and terminals as all other RBH models, the in-wall and in-ceiling speakers from RBH offer the detail and clarity only found in far more expensive products. RBH is able to offer such high quality at an affordable price due to the in-house design and testing that other manufacturers used to rely on RBH for.

All in-ceiling models come with a full 25 year warranty, ensuring the value of your investment for many years to come. Both the in-wall and in-ceiling product lines are available in a variety of cone materials to suit your budget. Offering such variety allows the installer to offer high-quality, general household audio distribution as well as a higher-end for the more discerning ear and dedicated home theatre.

All built-in speakers have a white frame and white paintable grill, so that they will virtually disappear when matched to the wall colour.

A-Series with Graphite Composite woofer

The rigid structure and uniform density of our graphite woofers provide for accurate mid-range reproduction and extended low frequency response at an affordable price.

Available in a variety of sizes the A-Series from RBH allows you to enjoy music throughout your home as well as in a designated home theatre.

TK-Series with Fibreglass Woofer

The result of the perfect integration of fiberglass and aluminum. The TK Series provides high-power handling capacity with uncompressed audio purist sound.

The TK’s represent bulletproof performance in a compact design.

MC-Series with Aluminum woofers

Because of the inherent stiffness, low mass and self-damping properties found in aluminum, these advanced drivers deliver crisp, clear sound with the immediacy and accuracy needed to deliver the realism of today’s high-definition music and movies. Computer optimized crossover networks in each speaker allow smooth integration between drivers while increasing power handling and minimizing distortion.

The MC Series offers detail and clarity unheard of in their price range, offering you the best value for money for your built-in audio system.

The MC Series also offer the MC6DB bi/dipole surround speaker to create a seamless 7.1 theatre.

Visage Series

The Visage Series in-ceiling speakers are designed for those who are just as fussy with the appearance of their home audio as they are about the sound quality. The easy-to-install, micro-perforated magnetic grilles cover and protect the speakers, providing a very attractive alternative to typical frame-type in-ceiling speaker designs. The Visage Series grilles can also be painted to allow the speakers to virtually hide in the ceiling, yet still deliver the exceptional sound RBH speakers are known for. Bringing together our most popular in-ceiling speaker models with the elegance of a contemporary frameless design, the Visage Series embodies RBH Sound’s dedication to pleasing our listeners.