Channel Vision Technology

Channel Vision Technology

  • Surveillance Cameras and Accessories
  • Digital RF modulators/AFFINITY™
  • RF Amplifiers/Splitters/Taps
  • Intercom and Telephone Entry
  • CAT5 Whole House Intercom
  • Satellite Distribution
  • Connectors/Filters/Wall Plates



Channel Vision’s technology line offers all of the surveillance products needed to secure and monitor your customer’s home. Starting with a basic door station, the Technology line includes pinhole cameras, dome cameras, illuminated cameras for night viewing, DVRs, web monitoring of camera systems, digital modulators for camera viewing on your television set and door-station telephone answering systems.

Providing the utmost in security allows you to see, hear and answer who is at the door, who your daily visitors have been or record video of any unwanted visitors while you are not at home. Your surveillance system can be monitored while you are on the road by using the web server, allowing you to login to and view your cameras from any IP connection, whether at a hotel, in an airport or even sitting in an Internet cafe anywhere in the world. This true peace of mind comes at a very low cost and with little effort, using the advanced technology and proven reliability of Channel Vision’s product lines.

Whether a single camera to see who is calling at your front door, or a set of high resolution security cameras for your business, Channel Vision has a solution that will save you time, worry and of course, money.



Channel Vision’s indoor 1.3 megapixel dome CMOS IP camera offers superior image quality and has the ability to capture images up to 1200 x 800 pixels. With H.264 compression, less bandwidth and storage space are used, while delivering full resolution at max frame rate with faster speeds over the internet.


Wireless Audio Distribution

Channel Vision’s Wireless Audio Transmitter 1 Source-1 Destination works with the WA-360 1-to-1 Wireless Audio Receiver making it possible to create a distributed audio system without running wires from one room to another. The wireless audio transmitter can accept either line level or speaker level audio, making it easy to distribute signals to the rear speakers of a home theater or surround sound system. The wireless transmitter and wireless receiver link together on a 1-to-1 basis and can operate over 8 different transmission channels. This allows up to 8 independent stereo audio streams to be distributed in one home. Perfect for multi-source or multi-room audio, subwoofers, rear home theater speakers, and or your 5.1 digital surround sound system.


Web Server

The W-4001 is a 4 Channel H.264/ MJPEG Video Server with a web server built-in and is ideal for users to build a home surveillance system. It encodes analog signals of traditional cameras to digital signals, allowing users to monitor real-time video via an IE browser. The H.264 and MJPEG compression format supports a smooth video quality and also supports a SD Card backup.

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