Redefining the way you experience sound

Once a designer, consultant and builder for the world’s most reputable brand names, such as; JBL, Fosgate and MacIntosh speaker systems, RBH sound started building its own brand of high quality, high performance speaker systems over 30 years ago.Their extensive experience, professional audio engineers and proprietary technology saw RBH quickly rise to the top of the industry as one the leading home theatre speaker builders.

Today, with countless industry awards and accolades, RBH is one of the only remaining speaker manufacturers that designs and builds their own speakers from the ground up. While many speaker companies claim to be manufacturers, RBH has earned a reputation as high-performance speaker ‘craftsmen’, whether for a small home theatre or a dedicated theatre room requiring high sound pressure levels and reference drivers for the most discerning audiophile.

Whether it is an inwall/inceiling solution for a dedicated home theatre or music distributed throughout the home, RBH’s architectural speakers are industry leaders, they back this superior product by offering an industry leading 25 year warranty on all in built-in speakers!

For freestanding models, RBH has an extensive line of products to fill all your needs; whether for an inexpensive, compact theatre or a audiophile’s dedicated theatre, RBH Sound has a product line designed to suit the demand.