Since 1969, NAPCO has enjoyed a heritage and proven track record in the professional security community for advanced technology and high quality intrusion systems.  NAPCO Security Group’s combined strengths in myriad security technologies, including panels, keypads, wireless, alarms, sensors, locks & access control, its powerful product offerings are among the most innovative on the market – affording security pros uncommon reliability, labor-savings and customer-ease.

Epitomizing Napco’s security engineering innovation is the Napco Freedom™ Series of revolutionary 8 to 64 zone intelligent-entry security systems. Available in either coded or code-free models, Freedom is so advanced it’s simple: Simple for the consumer; simple for the security professional. Allowing the installer to standardize on one panel, the Freedom touchpad includes many built-in features which save installation time, as well as money. In addition, code-free Freedom is designed to eliminate false alarms.


Napco patented Adaptive® Microwave/PIR Sensors virtually make all other motion sensors, dual technology or otherwise, obsolete. Once they’re installed, they’re like having a technician on-site, making all adjustments for you 24-hours a day.

Universal Keyfob

The security industry’s first and only universal bi-directional keyfob with LCD status display and integral mini sounder, supported by a revolutionary dedicated keyfob receiver.

Designed to be compatible with most major control panel brands, including NAPCO’s Gemini and Magnum, and others such as ADEMCO, DSC, ITI and more, this 2-way keyfob is super-miniaturized for portability yet packs tremendous consumer appeal.

System status is indicated with 8 intuitive icons (a lock, a house, a flame, etc.) on the LCD display, and corresponding beep sequences on its mini sounder. Providing both easily understood visual and audible feedback, the user always knows with certainty that the system has carried out their command.

The Universal Fob will operate on either the panel bus or its keyswitch input depending upon panel brand. With bus connection (e.g. Gemini, Ademco, etc.) the keyfob uses no zones, and up to 7 keyfobs are independently logged. With keyswitch connection, keyfob uses one zone for keyfob and one zone for panic, if desired.


  • Alarm Panels
  • Sensors
  • Contacts
  • Wireless
  • Fire
  • Video
  • Access