Signature Series

A 25-year commitment to excellence in sonic reproduction has led RBH to the creation of the Signature Series. Both acoustically and visually stunning, the Signature Series embodies the best of what RBH has to offer.

Here’s why:

Proprietary Technology: RBH believes in the age-old adage, “If you want something done right, you must do it yourself.” For this reason, they engineered their own proprietary, ultra-rigid metal cone drivers to offer unsurpassed detail and accuracy. These aluminum drivers can effortlessly handle the most raucous explosion and flawlessly reproduce the subtlest musical note.

Exceptional Quality: RBH accepts nothing less than excellence and uses only the finest parts, which they rigorously and constantly test for quality and accuracy. All of the Signature Series speakers feature voice coil formers manufactured from Kapton®, an aerospace material capable of handling very high temperatures, while increasing power handling and lowering distortion. High-quality fabric dome tweeters use Ferrofluid® liquid cooling for increased power handling and greater sonic accuracy.

Craftsmanship: RBH doesn’t like to think of themselves as “manufacturers”, but rather as “craftsmen”. Anyone can “manufacture” a speaker, but it takes dedication and a passion for what you do to truly create something people will enjoy for years to come. That is why the designers at RBH take pride in crafting their speaker cabinets from high density fiberboard, a material more rigid than standard particleboard or fiberboard. Inside each Signature Series speaker you will find heavy-duty internal bracing to ensure the cabinet’s structural integrity. This method of cabinet construction allows each speaker to handle the high-stresses of today’s high-powered home theater systems, without giving way to distortion.

Versatility: Although all Signature speakers are available in a basic black finish, RBH doesn’t exclusively make big black boxes. Your speakers should be a sonic marvel, as well as a visual delight. This is why they offer each of the Signature Series speakers in 30 uniquely different, and quite stunning, high-quality, genuine wood grain veneers. Some of the finishes are so beautiful you might find yourself redecorating your room to match your speakers!

Value: This endless pursuit of perfection comes at a price… but surprisingly enough, at a price you can afford. RBH believes that it is possible to use only the highest quality parts in crafting high-end speakers, while still providing exceptional value.