Signature In-Wall Series

The Signature Series in-wall speakers offer all the performance of the Signature Series recessed in the wall.  These are for someone who wants purity of sound built into their home, which until now, has only been available in high-end freestanding speakers.  These incredible speakers can also be ordered with “Reference Series” Drivers for yet another step up in performance.


The SI-6100 is the ultimate in-wall speaker for larger theaters and listening rooms. Capable of producing high sound pressure levels that would rival your local Cineplex, the SI-6100 features four 6½-inch aluminum cone woofers mated with three 1-inch liquid-cooled silk dome tweeters. The extensive crossover network ensures perfect driver integration, allowing this speaker’s performance to be consistent with the award winning T-1 freestanding Signature Series speaker.




For installations where a center channel is intentionally removed from a surround system to allow for design requirements or otherwise cannot be used, the SI-663 is the perfect high-performance solution. A pair of these in-wall speakers can eliminate the need for a dedicated center channel when wired for dual channel operation. For situations where a third SI-663 can be used as a dedicated center channel, the trio can be wired in standard configuration, allowing each to discretely provide left, center or right channels for a seamless front sound stage.




The SI-760 is a classic D’Appolito (woofer/tweeter/woofer) design, which lends itself perfectly for use as a main, center (horizontal or vertical), or surround speaker. Dual 6½-inch aluminum cone woofers and a 1-inch silk dome tweeter make up the SI-760’s powerful driver complement. The versatility and exceptional performance of this in-wall speaker is what makes it one of the most popular in-wall models.



The SI-744 is a unique surround channel solution, since it is capable of single or dual-channel operation. When wired in dual channel mode, the SI-744’s front-firing drivers can play side surround channel audio and the rear-firing drivers can play rear surround channel audio. This configuration can provide all four surround channels in a 7.1 system from one pair of SI-744s.  When wired in single-channel mode, the SI-744 presents its listeners with a bi-polar dispersed sound field for increased surround coverage.


Typically, freestanding enclosure or cabinet subwoofers perform well, but don’t really compliment an in-wall home theater installation. With the SI-10 in-wall subwoofer, we’ve taken the performance of our legendary TS-10 freestanding subwoofer and hidden it in the wall. The SI-10 features a non-powered 10-inch aluminum cone subwoofer inside a rigid MDF (medium density fiberboard) cabinet which fits in-between standard 2×4 wall studs. The only exposed part of the subwoofer is the black or white cloth grille.



The SI-12 is a 12-inch, non-powered subwoofer designed specifically to be installed in-ceiling or in-floor. Smart protection circuitry is incorporated into the SI-12 to prevent damage to the 12-inch aluminum cone subwoofer if ever over-driven. When mounted in-between the floor or ceiling joists, the subwoofer cleverly vents through a “grille” made to look like the register of an HVAC system, appearing as an ordinary heating vent, the SI-12 is the ideal subwoofer for home theaters, listening rooms or anywhere strong, definitive bass is needed without being seen.